February 28, 2014

Gandolfini's last—Enough Said

One would think a movie co-starring James Gandolfini would be a mystery thriller or a gangster film, anything but a romantic comedy. In this quirky chick flick, Gandolfini is teamed up with Julia Louis-Dreyfus as his awkward, yet cute love interest Eva, a traveling masseuse. Albert (Gandolfini) is a sloppy, overweight, very laid-back single dad who stumbled upon his new girlfriend Eva at a party.

At the same party, Eva also meets Marianne (Catherine Keener) who later calls and asks her for a massage. Eva is astonished that someone could be as successful as Marianne just by selling poetry. Come to think of it, I too am astonished by that. Anyhow, over time, Eva and Marianne become good friends. During the budding friendship, Marianne can't shut up about her awful ex-husband. Can you smell the chick flick plot already?

It turns out that Marianne's ex is none other than Albert, who by this time is deeply entrenched in a relationship with Eva. She puts two and two together to discover that Marianne has been bad-mouthing the guy she now has fallen hard for, Albert. However, Eva is too scared or too dumb to tell Albert about her new friend, and it all blows up in her face one day when she was at Marianne's house and Albert shows up to pick up their shared-custody daughter.

When I watch, or try to watch, romantic comedy chick flicks with Sharon, I usually walk out and find something else to do after 15 minutes or so. But I stayed with this one until the end, not because it is a good film, quite the contrary, but because I am a fan of all the actors in this film. Gandolfini is the best, Louis-Dreyfus is one of my favorite funny women, and Keener is just a superb actress. Another favorite of mine, Toni Collette, plays a minor role in the film as Eva's friend and confidant.

It's a shame, really, that Gandolfini's final role was in a crappy chick flick. He died before the film was released. His performance, as always, was perfect, but the film was not. On my scale of two thumbs up, I give this one thumb. Watch it if you like Gandolfini or if you like chick flicks.

© 2014 Will Daniel

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  1. Thank you for reviewing that one. Dave and I love all the actors in the film, too, but we saw the trailer and thought...Nah. Maybe later. Some chick flick plots are predictable to the point that I want to smack one of the characters upside the head. :)


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