February 6, 2014

Old farts throw a wild party

One of these days, I'd like to hook up with three of my best old friends in Las Vegas. It would be a hoot, a bunch of creaky, cranky 60-something old farts drinking and carousing till all hours of the night reliving their drinking and carousing days of old. One of the old boys would be making the trip to marry his 30-something girlfriend, and the other three would be there for the bachelor party. One of the guys would trade in his life savings of $15,000 for chips at a blackjack table and play there all afternoon. When his buddies come looking for him, he would ask the dealer how much the chips in front of him are worth, and she would tell him $102,000. That would set off a frenzy of drinking and partying because the hotel, naturally, would "comp" the old boys a luxury suite in which to party all night long. What a hoot.

I've just laid out the entire scenario of Last Vegas for you. The film stars Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, and Mary Steenburgen as a lounge singer who steals the heart of one of the old coots. Gotta have some romance in the film, eh? But I haven't spoiled the ending for you. This film starts off like a guy-humor kind of film, but somehow picks up the traits of a classic chick flick, happy never-never land ending and all. Schmaltzy, but thoroughly entertaining.

I give this film one and a quarter thumbs on my scale of two thumbs up. You'll enjoy it if you're an old fart (or married to one), but I'm not sure younger people will get some of the old-fart humor. To my old friends Ken, Pete, Bing and Chip, let's do this!

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© 2014 Will Daniel


  1. Sorry, but this really doesn't like fun to me. I'd rather just hang out and talk, play or listen to music and drink coffee.

  2. Oh yeah, and go to bed around 11 or so. :-)


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